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      Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment In India

      Although, being diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases can sometimes be overwhelming and scary, knowing the fact that the disease is pretty much an orphan without any potential treatment. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, now it is possible to offer symptomatic treatment to mitigate day-to-day challenges associated with the indication and improve the quality of life that you are leaving. It is a well-known fact that kidney diseases are progressive and may be reported as per the stages of development. With the right treatment planning, you can still have a good quality of life.
      Based on the GFR rate, your CKD can be categorized under the below-mentioned stages, which is an indication of how efficient your kidneys are in cleaning the blood.


      Early-stage kidney disease (Stage 1-2 with mild GFR)

      If your GFR is 90 or higher then you are suffering from early-stage CKD. This stage further indicates that your kidneys are damaged but still performing at par. At this stage, you will be advised regular monitoring of your kidney health. If in case, you are diabetic then you are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking, reduce stress, and get enough sleep. The possible signs and symptoms at this stage are

      • High blood pressure
      • Swelling in legs
      • Urinary tract infection
      • Abnormal urine tests

      Why consider us for treating CKD?

      The sooner you know your kidney problems, the better actions can be taken to limit its progression or prevention of further damage. Also, if in case you have other co-morbidities like high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure, etc., you need to keep up with regular monitoring of your vitals to avoid further complications. We have seen cases where the end-stage-chronic-kidney disease has been reversed from end-stage to moderate kidney disease.
      With our combinational approach, using the body’s healing powers, we can regularize the GFR rate of the kidneys to some extent; further avoiding the need for kidney transplants. Our credibility too much extent rely on our


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      Alternative Treatment options For CKD

      With the increase in environmental stressors, genetic vulnerability, and changing lifestyle habits; the number of people suffering from chronic kidney diseases has certainly increased in recent years. Owing to the higher medical cost and adverse impacts of current suggested medical treatments like frequent dialysis; there is certainly a need for a quick and effective medical treatment strategy to reduce symptomatic challenges of kidney diseases and prevent them from further damage.
      We use the body’s healing powers to increase the functional powers of kidneys, further preventing them from being damaged. With the targeted treatment, we minimize the secretion of inflammatory cytokines in the body to regulate other autoimmune disorders like diabetes.



      We propose a definitive physiotherapy plan with a combination of diet and yoga to make you much more active, at least for 30 minutes every day. This will help keep you away from stress and also help control your diabetes, blood pressure, and lung functions.

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or Ozone Therapy

      Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and/or ozone therapy are commonly offered to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood in your body, and further prevent the generation of free radicles that are very harmful, promoting damage to major vital organs of the body including kidneys.


      Diet And Nutrition

      With the right combination of diet, nutritious food, and medicine; day-to-day life can be improved to a great extent. The program is tailored as per initial counseling, other comorbidities, and dietary habits to reach each person's goal.

      What can you expect post-treatment?

      With our goal to offer a comprehensive program, we aim to inculcate good lifestyle habits to promote the overall physical and mental well-being of patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases. We aim to improve

      Overall muscle strength, mobility, and fitness


      Improve the quality of life Kidney disease


      Reduce stress to improve heart and lung functions


      Control weight and regulate blood pressure and sugar


      Reverse the side effects of long-term steroidal treatment


      Leading to muscle wasting, bone thinning, and increased weight gain


      Why are we the best choice?

      Experience is the first person effects or influence of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it. The term does not imply that useful or long term learning, or the acquisition of skills necessarily takes place as a consequence of the experience.


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      Clients Testimonials


      SK Reddy


      I am very happy with the results and improvements after my treatment. After the treatment, I went to see my neurologist who was very surprised to learn how I had improved. I have improvements in balancing, walking and tremors.


      Lawrence Lindsey


      I would say that the changes I have experienced are very subtle. My facial expressions and stamina have improved after the treatment. I feel my ability to walk is also improving gradually and I look forward to seeing further improvements in my condition.


      Gilda Bertran


      The initial improvement was changing facial expressions. This improvement came quickly; almost immediately. I felt better altogether. My tremors have also reduced by 70-80%. I have started walking without shaking and my stamina has also improved.

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